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Got a big collection of left over drills, Trays, Pick up pens, tweezers or unused wax.

Why not send them to us in exchange for money off vouchers?! Both round and square DMC drills accepted. (Not specials). All trays accepted, pick up pens, tweezers and unused wax. All trays must be free from stickers and tweezers need to be sent with the safety ends. All tools and trays will be sterilised prior to us recycling.

For each 1 gram of drills (Approx 200 drills) we will exchange for a 4p money off voucher to spend in our store. Example 100g would give you a £4 voucher.  There is no maximum limit to how many you send to us, and we have the scales to measure any amount. However, please do not send bags of less then 0.5 grams to use (Approx 100 drills) due to colour shade variance we may not be able to recycle.

Each Tray we will exchange for a 10p voucher.

Pick up pens we will exchange for a 5p voucher.

Metal tweezers we will exchange for a 10p voucher.

Plastic tweezers we will exchange for 5p voucher.

Unused wax we will exchange for 5p per small square. (Approx 1cm x 1cm).

If you have any other products you think can be recycled please do get in touch with us at to find out if it is something we can recycle.

Terms and conditions:

  • Mixed bags of DMC colours in the same bag will not be accepted.

  • The bag must clearly state what the DMC code is. This can be a re-sealable bag or the small plastic pre printed bags.

  • Please do not mix various batches of the same number up. Please send in separate bags for different batches just in case of colour variance.

  • Tweezers must come with the guards on the end for safe posting.

  • Please clearly supply your name and email address so we can send your voucher to your email address once we have received and weighed the bags.


Once received we will email you your voucher within 48 hours.

Thank you for recycling!