Design Name: Special Cat

Canvas Size: 30 x 40 cm

Pasting Area: Partial

Frame Included: No

Number of Colours: 15

Category: Special

Diamond Shape: Various

Use: DIY Diamond Paintings

Material: Resin, Cloth

Form: Three-dimensional



Special Cat - This design is of our special design collection. Instead of your tradition round or square drills this one has various different shapes to make it a little bit more special and interesting to complete.


Diamond Painting characteristics:

  • DIY diamond painting can help with stress reduction, emotional adjustment, active thinking, enhance self-confidence.
  • DIY diamond painting can be used to decorate any room and make life more harmonious.
  • Completion of the diamond painting can provide a sense of achievement, ability and perseverance.
  • The production process can cultivate patience, and is suitable for all ages.
  • Smaller designs take a shorter amount of time to complete, while the larger designs can take longer.
  • DIY diamond painting can be given as gifts to friends and loved ones for any occasion.
  • Diamond painting can be done on your own or as a group on individual or larger joint projects.
  • Tray and Pick up pen now optional.



Diamond Painting production steps:

Open the box and check the contents are all present. Arrange your resin diamonds in number order for your project. Decide which number you are going to work on first. Using the provided diamond pen (use the wax to help pick up the resin diamonds) start putting your resin diamonds on to your design ensuring the flat side is at the bottom and your putting them on the right number on the pattern. We suggest that you do one colour at a time to save having to have multiple colours out at once, however everyone works differently and you should do what works best for you!


Once all the pattern is completed we would love to see your finished project so please send us a picture and leave us a review on here or our facebook page.

Special Cat

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Plastic Tray and Pick up pen required?