Printed and produced in the UK


Order your premium blank canvas printed and manufactured directly by ourselves. We use 340g Premium Cotton Matte Inkjet Canvas Roll. This is one of the top canvas around providing a clear print.


If there is a different size you want please get in touch.



The blank canvas comes with the adhesive already attached ready for you to place your spare gems. If you require gems please email us.


Importance of Size


When buying diamond painting designs, a very frequent dilemma most buyers have is, “What size should I get?”

Yes, getting the smaller sizes mean cheaper, which is great; until you complete the project only to realize you can barely recognize what design you have on your canvas because everything is so pixelated. Getting bigger will make it less pixelated. One important factor is if the picture has faces. If it is a scenery picture then getting a smaller size will not be as difficult to see the whole effect, whereas faces we would recommend getting the biggest size you can afford to get the best effect.


If you are not sure what size you want send us an email/facebook message and we will recommend what we believe the minimum size you should get to have a fantastic diamond painting.


Diamond Painting production steps:

Open the box and check the contents are all present. Arrange your resin diamonds in number order for your project. Decide which number you are going to work on first. Using the provided diamond pen (use the wax to help pick up the resin diamonds) start putting your resin diamonds on to your design ensuring the flat side is at the bottom and your putting them on the right number on the pattern. We suggest that you do one colour at a time to save having to have multiple colours out at once, however everyone works differently and you should do what works best for you!


Once all the pattern is completed we would love to see your finished project so please send us a picture and leave us a review on here or our facebook page.

Blank Canvas