Alan Case - Commercial cartoonist


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Crafty Diamonds UK are proud to present a partnership with Professional Artist Alan Case.

Alan, has worked as a freelance illustrator/Cartoonist for some 40 years now, illustrating humorous greeting cards for several major greeting card companies, numerous advertising campaigns, childrens' books, comics, jigsaw puzzles and games. His work in the animation industry, as a storyboard artist, pre-production designer, and layout artist, has included shows like Count Duckula, The little Princess, The animals of Farthing Wood, Fantastic Mr. Fox (The movie), The Lampies and The Cramp twins, to name but a few!

Below are some examples of his work (copyright of Alan Case unless stated otherwise) and of course below that are his designs you can purchase as diamond paintings from ourselves. You will not find these designs as diamond paintings from any other diamond painting manufacturer!

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Alan also conducts cartoon workshops with schools, demonstrating and explaining the techniques of character design and construction. These are a few examples of characters that were designed in the workshop like the above for the children to incorporate into their own drawing skill sets.


We have a fantastic opportunity to turn some of Alan's work into Diamond Paintings which you will not find on any other Diamond Painting website. In addition, you can purchase a signed copy Alan's Fighter Jocks print sold as a stand alone poster product.

Please click below to see more details on each current design that we are selling:

To find out more about Alan Case and his current workshops teaching in schools teaching children how to draw visit his website by clicking here

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